Our maiden issue features Dancehall King, LA Bagtas.


A look at one of Addlib Divas, Dr. Er Claudio, on his life in the frontline in the midst of this health crisis.


Aspecial tell-all article by our cover, MissJoe Abuda.



Our sophomore issue features TADS' resident K*POP expert, Joshua Decena, interviewed by Jawi Buan.


Two of The Addlib's Wave 11 trainees and queer artists, Jennifer - Ang Bathaluman and Eissa Breva, on staying true to their identities.


Totoy Beruela on being a dancer, a dreamer, and a father on our cover story.


Our third issue features our concrete jungle probinsyanas, Nique Manza and Bea Sering on life in the metro.


Our Harana Champions, SEMIGWAPS on everlasting friendship.,


Our special double cover: JB Menguito on family and Paula De La Blanca on "coming out.

SPECTRUM L-01 v2.jpg


Inspired by Beyoncé's studio album of the same title, our fourth issue is an extension of "Women's Month" Celebration featuring two of Addlib Ladies' dancing pharmacists on the cover: The Addlib's new Associate Artistic Director (Ladies), Ria Vivo, on her journey to becoming the modern-day Filipina, and Nikki Noel on her journey from house to HOUSE.


Another female powerhouse is TADS' "Urban Femme" expert, Labb Janiola, on breaking the mold and making her own mark in the industry.


Get to know more about yourself with our three personality quizzes: know your kind of coffee with Rex Dela Cruz; find out how much of a positive thinker are you in our fun quiz by Nathaniel Malino, and; discover your horror-scope for this ECQ period through Fritz Nicole Bacea's laugh-out-loud article!


Our fifth shade, "ATOMIC TANGERINE," is a special LGBTQIA+ edition celebrating the brave members of The Addlib who live their truth! Our triple cover feature Jawi Buan, Andred Mejia, and JP Ponla.  Get to know more about their journey to embracing their true identity.

Also inside this issue is TADS' Lyrical Jazz teacher, Ana Victoria Andres, on balancing her life as a dancer, teacher, and single mom; Casey Jayaon gives tips on conquering your height insecurities, and; take a peek inside the artistic mind of our very own Creative Director, Jeane Lopez, as she shares some of her most personal artworks.




get a glimpse on the dance journey of one of our newest faculty members, Jemai De Guzman; Addlib Ladies' Kei Saito opens up about facing her personal experience on the greatest fear any dancer could have, and; say good-bye to toxic masculinity as our fashion editorial defines THE NEW MAN.

A special magazine-within-a-magazine: FREQUENCIES tackles our lives during this lockdown as told by Daniel John Sanchez and Gabriel Cabangon, featuring the artwork of Macki Pineda.

If you feel that this ECQ has put your dreams to a halt, let Mikki D share his journey to success and why it is never too late for anyone.

Our founder and Editor-In-Chief, MissJoe Abuda, closes the issue and the volume with their personal take on the life after the lockdown.