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Updated: Oct 17, 2020

By Gabriel Cabangon

With quite a number of dance workshops highlighting women in the dance community, formidable female leaders had the idea to bring together the women of the dance community to promote empowerment, strength, and creativity in one herstory-cal night of showcase. Created by Madelle Paltu-ob, Kristal Bermudo, Xyza Ragunjan, Elly Burgonio, and AC Lalata, Rise of the Icons was a successful event that was held in Power Mac Center Spotlight, Makati City last December 1, 2019.

A total of 30 teams participated that exhibited attributes of the empowered women of today.

After a tremendous showdown, H University received the special award of Best Performance while the Power Impact Dancers snatched the Best in Skill award. In the end, overall scores were computed and the ladies of Aftermath were hailed champions as they scored an outstanding, 96.67%, followed by H University with 93.50%, and our very own, The Addlib Ladies (composed of Ria Vivo, Anna Viktoria Lacampuenga and Paula Dela Rosa) who ranked 3rd with an over all score of 92.83%.

Channeling Effie, Lorrell and Deena, The Addlib Ladies were able to portray their inner Dreamgirls while showcasing their #ClubMix and #Girlicious brands which translated to a wonderful performance.

With songs “Hey, Big Spender” and “One Night Only”, the trio – Ria, Anna and Paula, drove the crowd crazy with their hybrid choreography using Jazz, House, and Waacking.

The competition was judged by notable female dance leaders in the dance community: Nancy Crowe (Director of Hotlegs), Lema Diaz (Philippine Allstars), Ana Palma (A renown dancesport icon), Christina Dy (Founder of Polecats), and Edna Vida (Principal Dancer and Director of Ballet Philippines).

With teams showcasing different messages, skills and dance disciplines, the event surely celebrated womanhood and femininity in the dance scene and lived to its purpose, making women rise to be icons and leaders.

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