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Updated: Oct 17, 2020

By: Gabriel Villaruel Cabangon

MANILA — It has been 2 months since the world has gone on lockdown. Due to the global pandemic, we were forced to stay at home for our safety. Numerous activities that we could have done outdoors were stopped, including attending your favorite classes at your one and only rainbow home, The Addlib Dance Studio.

But as the saying goes, for every challenge that we face, there’s a rainbow to conquer it.

As your family, we are bringing the rainbow to your home!

Starting this weekend, we are giving you, TADS AT HOME!

For EVERYDAY, you’ll get to have online dance fitness, yoga and your favorite classes by The Addlib, just like we never left the studio! We all know you missed this. So, together, let us keep our bodies moving and grooving as we fight those quarantine blues, staying fit and healthy amidst this crisis.

From the vibes of Girlicious to the hype of NyouSchool, and the oozing sexiness of Storm Friday to the electrifying energy of Hiphop Fit… we got you all covered!

Class Fees are as follow:


While staying FIT, you’ll get to help others at the same time as well— proceeds of #TadsAtHome will be for the benefit of the faculty and staff of The Addlib Dance Studio affected by the global pandemic.

Getting in the class is as easy as 5, 6, 7, 8… Just go to to register and then you’ll receive an email providing the ZOOM link for the class.

The class schedules are changing depending on the day and time so make sure to keep updated on the following social media accounts for announcements!



In this trying time with unprecedented situations coming up, it helps to keep yourself FUN, FRESH, and FIERCE at home! So, head your way to dance at your place, as we give you the rainbow home experience in the most convenient way!

Just like what we say in TADS, EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!

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